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What A Great Real Estate Marketing Tool Looks Like!

The recent headline in USA Today read, “‘Flip This House’ star accused of fraud and faking work on show.What a great negative this could be for the “real deal” investors. I’ll explain what I mean at the end of this short article…ATLANTA (AP) – On an episode of A&E’s popular reality series Flip This House, Atlanta businessman Sam Leccima sits in front of a run-down house and calls buying and selling real estate his passion.
Now authorities and legal filings claim that Leccima’s true passion was a series of scams that included faking the home renovations shown on the cable TV show and claiming to have sold houses he never owned.”This is, indeed, a con artist,” said Sonya McGee, an Atlanta pharmaceutical representative who says Leccima took $4,000 from her in an investment scheme.
McGee and others say Leccima’s episodes of Flip This House, A&E’s most popular show, were elaborate hoaxes. His friends and family were presented as potential home buyers and “sold” signs were slapped in front of unsold houses. They say the home repairs – the lynchpin of the show – were actually quick or temporary patch jobs designed to look good on camera.
Leccima says he never claimed to own the homes. While not acknowledging his televised renovations were staged, he didn’t deny it and suggested that A&E and Departure Films, the production company that makes the show, knew exactly what he was doing.Here we go again… MORE negative press about anything relating to real estate investors!
I always say, “There’s only one way to deal with problems… FACE THEM HEAD ON!
You’re a real estate investor that’s honest, truthful and don’t want to be compared to the “other” so-called real estate investors like Mr. Leccima. Good. You don’t have to be!What’s the best Real Estate Marketing Tool you can use? The story you just read above!
How could I use this…? The same way you face any other apparent disaster to your image as a real estate investor. FACE THEM HEAD ON!If you’re using direct mail or even any other high profile media (radio/TV) as your Real Estate Marketing Tool, you include this story in your marketing… ALONG with the stark comparison of the way YOU do business and examples of how you’re the “real” deal, (with examples) as opposed to the “made up” TV things of this fake!It’s the same principle with any Real Estate Marketing Tool. You want to compare your product or service and how yours is better than the “other” guys. In this example, it’s pretty clear cut what the comparison is… it’s about “honesty, integrity, character and someone you can trust and do business with.”
Real Estate Marketing Tool number 1 in anyone’s book! Does anyone ever want to do business with someone they think may try and “con” them? I’ve never met anyone in all my years on this earth that said, “I don’t care if he’s a “con artist, “as long as he gets the job done.”Take this “negative story” and use the Real Estate Marketing Tool that gives the potential client another reason to do business with you! It’s a selling point that only works every time! This is a powerful Real Estate Marketing Tool! Use it and see for yourself.

Real Estate Investing Guide-Learn About Real Estate Investing

Real estate investment is a great opportunity to earn profits and generate a cash flow. There is a slight difference between real estate investment and other types of investment. Real estate investment can be categorized as a long-term investment or short-term investment. Good real estate investor has ability to invest in real estate at right time.Real estate investment requires proper knowledge and concentration to invest in good piece of land. Sometimes heavy investment gives wrong results in the future and sometimes with a small investment you can earn more. Investors should be alert at the time of investment in real estate.If you’re going to rent your property you should have sufficient knowledge about tenant problems and requirements of tenants. You should be aware of all financial as well as legal requirements for your real estate. Investment goals are the primary factor for real estate investment. Decide your investment goals like what you want to do with your real estate.Real estate market offers different types of strategies to invest in real estate. You should choose the best strategy as per your needs. Efficient real estate investors are able to make their fortunes in real estate business. People who invest in this business can live comfortably. They don’t have any tension about their survival. They can earn more and more profits with single right time real estate investmentInvestment in real estate requires great commercial skills and knowledge like other businesses. Real estate business needs additional risk because sometimes you’re at risk in this business. Thats why a person with a great will power can easily handle this business. Forecasting in real estate investing can spoil your future so don’t overestimate your investment.