Protecting Yourself Against Telemarketing Frauds

When the phone rings, we no longer just answer it confidently. Nowadays, with telemarketing scams everywhere and working under any pretense to get money from you, it’s worth it to invest in protection against this danger. People are robbed every year by criminals through telephone scams aimed at ripping people off.Businesses are robbed also. It is important to know what to look for in order to decipher whether or not someone is trying to scam you. You should know what to do if you feel it is happening to you and also how to report the crime. Knowing how to avoid the telemarketing calls altogether can save you time and frustration.Caller ID is the best defense against any telemarketing calls, whether fraudulent or legitimate. If you have caller ID, then the first thing you should do is plug in everyone’s number you know who may be calling you, if the mechanism allows you to work that way.Otherwise, it is a good idea to keep a list of companies you know and trust next to the phone along with their numbers, so you can see if you are receiving a telemarketing call. Another way to keep up with telemarketing scams is to simply check locally to see which new ones are out there and how they work.In order to avoid telemarketing scams you must have the right equipment and knowledge. The best equipment you can have is caller ID. For those with local phone companies there is a fee, but for those with a digital phone or cell phone service, caller ID is usually included in the package when you sign up.A great practice to help you to avoid telemarketing calls that seem to go on and on is to learn how to be a little rude. Many companies or individuals who are trying to commit fraud will do their best to keep you on the phone in order to wear you down until you give in. Always check out the company with the Better Business Bureau, if in doubt.You may think you’re powerless, but you have the power to stop telemarketers who are practicing fraud by contacting the local or federal authorities. Always research calls you receive that you’re not sure about. But, the number one rule in self protection against telemarketing scams is to never, ever give out any personal information over the phone to companies or charities that you don’t know of and/or don’t trust. This is the best way to make it nearly impossible for others to steal your identity and your money.

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